RIM says thank you to the BlackBerry faithful at CES2012

BBM for convenience

RIM has an army out in full force at CES2012 adding BlackBerry users to BBM for the purpose of pampering us with limo rides, snacks and charged batteries. We were met on the platform coming off the monorail at the Las Vegas Convention Center by these PR folks with QR codes hanging around their necks.

We were asked to scan the code to add the 3 BBM accounts for specific CES2012 conveniences. One contact will arrange to get you a charged battery swap, another will hook you up with some CES water and snacks and the third code will get you access to the BlackBerry Hummer limousine for a ride around Las Vegas.

We took advantage of the Hummer for a ride back to our hotel after a very long day 1. On day 2 of CES I plan to try the BBM code for some much needed water.