Back in June, Dolby Laboratories set their legal sights on RIM claiming that RIM had used their patented technology and refused to sign a licensing agreement even though the audio compression techniques were used in the BlackBerry Storm, Tour, Pearl, Curve and Torch, and the Playbook. Shortly after the filing though, RIM signed an agreement with Via Licensing Corp. who handles Dolby licensing where in they are now allowed to use Dolby Laboratories technology across all RIM products. Details behind the arrangements were not made public but Dolby General Counsel Andy Sherman said:

“We are pleased to welcome RIM into Dolby’s family of mobile-technology licensees,”

Pretty open and shut case for the RIM and Dolby legal teams I suppose, RIM pays Dolby money and we all get to enjoy quality audio on our RIM products. The damage to RIM's financials is estimated to be around $15 million but that could have increased since Dolby mentioned that number on a analyst's conference call last month. Funny, but my only concern right now is -- I hope they don't start stamping all our devices with Dolby logos.

Source: Bloomberg