In an article posted by Reuters, Scott Totzke, RIM's vice-president of BlackBerry security speaks about the security of smartphones these days making some bold, but reasonable statements about where we could end up if we are not careful.

Totzke, along with Kevin Mahaffey, chief technology officer at Flexilis shared issues and concerns for the smartphone market both agreeing that users need to be more aware of what, exactly they are installing on their devices. Essentially, if warnings are not heeded in these areas your smartphones could be used in DDOS attacks. Totzke was quoted as stating "I think that's an area of concern," while Mahaffey stated "These are not telephones anymore. These are computers. So people are going to have all the problems on their phones that they have on their computers."

The smartphone market is growing massive and it has reached a point where security concerns are now going to be a huge factor with the amount of information and data users store on their devices. We have seen some "proof of concepts" lately wherein security has been breached on a multitude of devices and one can only hope that manufacturers are working hard to help keep their users safe and that users will utilize all offerings such as updates and patches.

So what's your take on it? As a smartphone owner, do you give any thought to security? Or do you just assume it's all good and keep installing apps like crazy?!

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