RIM Rolling Out Google Contact Synch Across Carrier BIS Services

Over the weekend many users have reported seeing the "Contacts" options start appearing on their Gmail accounts while logged into their carrier's BIS sites. Telus, AT&T, Rogers, T-Mobile and Verizon have all been accounted for at this time and I'm sure many others are to follow. This was one of the highly noted upgrades to BIS 2.8 that was stated as coming approximately 2 weeks after launch.

While it's been a little longer then 2 weeks it is nice to see it actually being enabled at this time. However, it does not seem to be fully functioning as of yet either. OS 5.0 is required in order for it to work, which if you have downloaded any of the leaks you should be able to use it but when checking the box to enable it produces an authentication error. It's safe to say RIM has not fully enabled it as of yet but it is coming soon and quite possibly OS 5.0 will come with it. Here's to hoping RIM makes it happen soon.