I came across an article in PCWorld this weekend talking about the security concerns of using Wi-Fi on the new dual-mode BlackBerry 8820.

According to the article, RIM’s director of product management for WLAN and VOIP, Kevin Oerton, said it should make no difference security-wise whether a user is accessing BlackBerry services from home, a hotspot or within the enterprise. In addition, Oerton said the company employs 256-bit AES encryption so transmission and data can’t be read.

Top Secret What do you think? Will security concerns limit the deployment of the 8820 throughout the enterprise? From what I’ve read, 256-bit AES encryption is harder to crack than a greased Macadamia nut. And in June 2003, the US Government announced that AES may be used for classified information, and 256-bit encryption can even be used for TOP SECRET James-Bondy type stuff.

I’m thinking if it’s good enough for the government, it’s probably good enough for me. Besides, if you want to steal someone’s email, there’s probably easier ways of doing it than breaking double-secret-James-Bondy encryption. Like buying somebody a couple of beers and then thumbing through their BlackBerry when they get up to use the bathroom.

Besides, haven’t people been whipping out their laptops and checking their email at the Wi-Fi hotspots at the airport, and Starbucks, and wherever else for years? It doesn’t seem to me that Wi-Fi on a BlackBerry is a different enough security problem to limit deployment.to

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