For most folks, a BlackBerry is only one means of communication. While BlackBerry users will say time and time again that they rely on their BlackBerry to communicate most folks don't mean it as much as one Ottawa man named Conrad Johnson.

Conrad Johnson has had cerebral palsy all of his life and is unable to speak. As such, he relies on his BlackBerry smartphone to communicate with everyone. Recently, Conrad lost his BlackBerry on an OC Transpo bus. On Thursday, the CBC aired Conrad's story and highlighted how devasting it can be for one with disabilities to lose their communication tools.

"It may mean that you cannot carry on your social interactions. Perhaps it affects your ability to do your work, to communicate with your friends. It probably means increased isolation," - Vangelis Nikias of the Council of Canadians with Disabilities

Conrad had hoped he may get his BlackBerry turned into the lost and found services at OC Transpo but on Friday, the day after his story aired, RIM reached out and offered to replace the essential communication tool for Conrad. Faith in humanity -- restored.

Source: CBC, Thanks, @_Lucky45!