Research In Motion Halifax

Back in May, ComScore released some numbers regarding smartphone marketshare statistics in the U.S. At that time, they were showing that RIM was fighting the good fight against Google and Apple but, was losing out to Google. Flip the markets around and look at it from the Canadian perspective just one month earlier and the results show a different landscape. In fact, the Canadian consumer market for RIM is looking just fine these days.

In March 2011, 6.6 million people in Canada owned smartphones, representing one-third of the total mobile audience. RIM was the leading mobile smartphone operating system with 42.0 percent share of Canadian smartphone subscribers. Apple ranked second with 31.0 percent share, followed by Google with 12.2 percent, Symbian with 6.4 percent share and Microsoft with 5.1 percent share.

I'm sure there is a direct relation to loyalty in the brand there when it comes to Canadian users but this is good news for RIM. Aside from the U.S. market the Canadian market is one the largest markets for BlackBerry smartphones and the new numbers released today how the Canadian market is not slowing down in terms of growth.

Source: ComScore