BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager

RIM has released a web-based version of their Desktop Manager client. Sorry MAC users, at this time it's only available for PCs. Here's the scoop:

BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager is a web-based version of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. It allows users to manage and configure their BlackBerry devices to receive messages, in addition to performing a variety of maintenance related tasks.

BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager is specifically designed for organizations that would prefer not to deploy and install client-based BlackBerry Desktop Manager software on all or some of their BlackBerry device user’s workstations.
Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

The key benefit of BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager is that it can help towards the reduction in Total Cost of Ownership for organizations.

  • Overhead costs typically associated with deploying, supporting and maintaining new releases of BlackBerry Desktop Manager can be eliminated
  • BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager can be accessed from virtually anywhere with a computer with an Internet connection, providing administrators with an additional way to deploy and manage BlackBerry device

Download BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager here.

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