blackberry 8800 I think I have suitably recovered from my green beer induced haze and recovered my BlackBerry from the bottom of the spittoon at the local Irish pub. Durable little puppies those CrackBerries.

The BoyGeniusReport is claiming this morning the new BlackBerry 8300 (right) is due to be released by AT&T in just three to four weeks. This is following fast on the heels of the newly released 8800. But with the market turning over so quickly it seems Research In Motion do not want to get caught napping when it comes to the consumer mobile market and really wants to be in a strong position once that Apple iPhone is launched sometime this summer.

One caveat about the launch date, however, is that the second version of the 8800, the 8820, hasn’t been launched by T-Mobile yet and if RIM does not want to trip over itself with roll-outs then all the talk of 8300 releases is a little premature.

It should also be noted that the 8800 has still not even been released by Rogers in Canada yet. Word from their stores this morning is it will be about two weeks before they are in and for sale in Canada.