RIM purchases "BlackPad.com" domain - Is the BlackBerry Tablet now one step closer to reality?

Interesting. The folks over at MobileCrunch earlier today posted that Research In Motion has recently taken over the domain name "BlackPad.com". Now, despite what you think of the name itself, many folks are eluding to the fact that this URL could be one of many used for the rumored upcoming BlackBerry Tablet. Now while we here would like to believe that as well, the fact is Research In Motion owns over 4,000+ registered domain names already.

Practically every single device that Research In Motion has put out they have taken the domain name for, even the code names and numerical versions of such. For example, the most recent iterations are that of BlackBerry9780.com, BlackBerry9800.com and finally, BlackBerrytorch.com. It's Research In Motions right to protect their Intellectual Property from cyber squatters, they've even been known to ask domain registrars and ICANN to hand over domain names from their owners if they are even remotely related to BlackBerry.

That said, from the information available to us; Research In Motion appears to have no trademark holding over "BlackPad" and while yes, it's possible it could be used rumored upcoming BlackBerry Tablet it's not such a far stretch of the imagination to just assume Research In Motion just wanted the domain just to have.

Source: MobileCrunch

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