RIM Pulling HTML Email Support in BES 4.1 SP5: Fact or Fiction?Over the past 24 hours or so, rumors have been roaring back and forth all over the web that HTML email may indeed be removed from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.1 SP5.

Now, let me say first off that I have no way of confirming or denying this... Everything I've heard and read is strictly rumor at this point. The rumor was propelled into the mainstream by our good friend Jibi posting over at BoyGeniusReport. He pointed out a forum thread in which a user suggested HTML email support was going to be delayed till SP6 (sometime in June08). Being that HTML email viewing is is one of the most saught after improvements coming in SP5, it's no wonder all of us in the smartphone blogosphere are wanting to know the full scoop!

We'll see what happens. All I can tell you right now is Kevin has emailed RIM's Media Releations department and is eagerly awaiting a response on the matter. Worst case we will find out whether HTML viewing is in or out come 4.1 SP5'a delayed release on March 11th.

Speaking of Jibi, if you haven't listened to CrackBerry.com Podcast Episode 002 yet, you should! He was Kevin and Craig's guest as they chatted up BlackBerry Outages and BES 4.1 SP5.