RIM Product Manager Discusses The New BlackBerry Curve 8520M Product Manager Discusses The New BlackBerry Curve 8520

It's been a while now since RIM has launched their own blogs and so far it's mainly consisted of tips and tricks and tutorials posted on an infrequent basis -- always good, but readers such as myself were expecting a deeper look into things. The latest entry on the blogs is more of what I was looking for really... an interview with RIM's BlackBery Curve 8520 product manager. A rather interesting readb-- even despite its sales pitch feel ;)

Pankaj took the time to explain why WiFi was placed in the device as well as shares his feelings on the new trackpad since this is the first device out the door with it. It offers a different look at RIM, a much more personal one, although as our pal Ronen points out, some "hard hitting" questions were left out such as why no GPS was integrated or why no flash was put in place on the device.

Sure it's an "entry level" device (Wal-Mart will have it for $48.88 on qualified upgrades) and they are using some left over 83xx series parts (the 320 by 240 display), but I'm sure they could have worked in a flash - the original 83xx series had a flash with no impact on battery life.