BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha

For all you lucky developers out there with a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha in your hands, RIM has now confirmed via the @BlackBerryDev Twitter account that an update for the device is nearing. The device, which was given out to developers during the recent BlackBerry 10 Jam has, as of yet, never received an update so it will be interesting to see what RIM adds in.

We're getting the update for BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha ready - make sure your requests are in the issue tracker -   ^AK

As we saw recently, RIM has been showing off aspects of BlackBerry 10 OS using the device though, it's assumed they'll not add too much of that on the Dev Alpha but rather, just include the basics for developers to work with.

If you're a developer who doesn't yet have a Dev Alpha to test on, you'll want to check out the BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour dates as the devices will be handed out at those events in limited supply.

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