Last year at BlackBerry DevCon we got the AWESOME surprise of the BlackBerry PlayBook announcement. I've been to a lot of Research In Motion events over the years, and my BlackBerry excitement level after seeing the PlayBook on stage that day was at an all time high. The only thing that would have been even better was if we had actually been able to hold and use RIM's first tablet at the event. Instead, we were teased with a couple of BlackBerry PlayBook tablets encased in glass (including a blue one - whatever happened to that?!), which only allowed for me to do our first "hands-on glass" PlayBook review per above. 

This morning I woke up with this year's upcoming DevCon and BBX phones on my mind, and I got a bit of a feeling of panic in my stomach. We were told on the last RIM earnings call that we'll see QNX BlackBerry development phones at BlackBerry DevCon this year. To me that means we'll get to actually hold and use a QNX BlackBerry phone at DevCon. But this morning it struck me that with the precedent set last year of putting hardware in glass following an announcement, we **could** see this happen again this year if the BBX phones are not quite ready for prime time yet (better increase my travel health insurance just in case... not sure my heart can take that kind of abuse teasing two years in a row). So that leads us to...

The Question of the Week: What are you expecting to see from BlackBerry DevCon this year in regards to QNX BlackBerry SuperPhones? Think they'll be out there for us to play with, or shown off in glass like last year? Sound off the in the comments with your predictions!

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