RIM porting App World PlayBook apps to the BlackBerry 10 platform for developers

As most folks may already know, there is a lot of apps in BlackBerry App World built for the BlackBerry PlayBook that will transition over to the BlackBerry 10 platform with very few (if any) adjustments. To help developers out with the process though, RIM has been doing some testing of current PlayBook apps and then porting (even though it's not really a "port") them over for BlackBerry 10.

In addition to that, if you're a developer whose app gets selected to be ported over, RIM is updating the BlackBerry Developer Zone accounts with “I’m building for BlackBerry 10" badges that come with reward points. The badge will award developers 500 award points which in turn, be used on the BlackBerry Jam rewards zone for some cool BlackBerry schwag.

Via: BerryReview