RIM Officials Completely Flustered with Indian Government

If you are waiting for more encouraging news on the whole India/RIM situation, it looks like you're going to have to wait a little while longer. Seems as though RIM and the Canadian High Commissioner David M. Malone have sent a letter to the Indian Communication and IT Minister asking exactly who they can deal with that actually has the power to make decisions. This is not a good sign people!

From the letter:

"We and RIM (Canada-based BlackBerry vendor Research-in-Motion) need to understand who in the government of India is empowered to resolve this issue. This is necessary in order to ensure the right representative from RIM at the table.

The discussion managed by DoT to date has inspired little confidence that those involved on the Indian side are actually empowered to settle the matter as Indian government's demands of RIM keep expanding while media leaks proliferate...

Potential terrorists are now aware, because of these leaks, of technical issues unknown to most of us previously..."

I'll let the words above speak for themself. Looks like we're still quite a long way away from a resolution on this issue. Anyone want to start taking bets for the date this one finally gets resolved? Or WILL it even get resolved?

[ via India Times