If you're on-site at BlackBerry DevCon there is a good chance you've seen these videos playing in the App Express area but some members in the CrackBerry fourms managed to find them also on Youtube where they remain unlisted. That said; what you're looking at is something referred to as the BlackBerry Packager for Android -- a combination of tools created by RIM to help Android developers port their Android apps to the BlackBerry PlayBook.

We know RIM was looking to woo some Android developers to the BlackBerry Platform by offering on-site App Express where developers can submit their apps to BlackBerry App World but they never stated how this task was being done so easily -- now we know. Needless to say; we're expecting to hear more about this over the next day or two, including info about the BlackBerry SDK for Android apps. You'll find one more video past the break or if you're looking to spoil some RIM announcements forth-coming for yourself hit up the CrackBerry Forums.

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