RIM Making Big Announcement At MWC?

We've been hearing for the past week now that Research In Motion was cooking up something good for Mobile World Congress. Alot of information floating around about a BIS and BES "alternative" or something that mixes the both as a free option to users that are already on BIS but still want a BES infrastructure of sorts. Seems, Boy Genius has been hearing the same stuff as well.

Anyone remember BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express? Well, going by some of the info we've been hearing and putting that along with what Boy Genius has heard. It seems as though it may be re-launched as a free and unlimited BlackBerry Enterprise Server for BIS users. Which would of course offer OTA synching, back ups and more while no longer requiring a dedicated BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Research In Motion has long been thought to not want to offer this sort of thing to its users. Simply based on the fact it could eat into Enterprise sales but I think they simply need to look beyond that and come up with an in between solution now. And maybe, this will be it. Remember nothing about this is 100% confirmed and information surrounding it has been slightly fragmented but, I guess we'll find out soon enough. Good move by RIM? Let us know in the comments what ya think.

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