We've heard rumblings of the BlackBerry Bold 9790 launching in Indonesia first, Jakarta more specifically and a news report from CBC meant to highlight the growth of BlackBerry in Indonesia -- while not directly confirming the launch of the Bold 9790 -- tells us RIM has larger plans for that area as well.

As highlighted in the video - this year hasn't really been all that great for RIM, they've had some issues but despite all of that they're still making plenty of headway in emerging markets. Indonesia has become a BlackBerry Nation where RIM has 46% of the smartphone market. The plans are cheap, costing approximately $8 per month which includes the usage of BBM since that is free with BlackBerry service. Devices are sold fairly cheap, costing around $200 and as Kevin knows from his trip to Jakarta previously -- are easily accessible for some but not all.

With 56% of RIM's revenue coming from emerging markets, it's something they need to be paying attention to and figuring out how best to get maximum ROI for those areas, offering accessibility and as the info from the video tells us, they may have found a way to do just that.

It's noted that RIM is looking to set up a financing situation for those who cannot immediately afford BlackBerry devices. This would allow everyone to get their hands on a BlackBerry, for a reasonable cost -- even for those making the bare minimum but still need the accessibility BlackBerry offers. To help with that, we've heard RIM is looking to launch a BlackBerry specific store, possibly one of many in emerging markets which would help drive sales and if it does happen -- it could be alongside the release of the BlackBerry Bold 9790.

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