BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing

RIM has announced today the launch of BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing. The free app is designed to make scheduling, joining and rejoining conference calls from your BlackBerry quick and easy. The app nicely integrates with the native BlackBerry calendar, and with just a few clicks you can be up and running. Features include:

  • Calendar Integration: The BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing application integrates with the Calendar application on your BlackBerry smartphone for maximum convenience.
  • One Click Join: When your calendar indicates it's time for a conference call to begin, you get a pop-up display that can dial you into the meeting without you having to remember or dial lengthy phone and access code combinations.
  • Reconnecting: If you're inadvertently dropped from a conference call, the application allows you to reconnect with one easy click.
  • Store Dial-In Numbers: When there are multiple phone numbers in the invitation for participants in different locations, the application is designed to choose the most appropriate number for you (limited to North American phone numbers only). You can also choose to change the suggested dial-in number manually.
  • Easy Conference Scheduling: Turn almost any meeting invite into a conference call with just a single click. You can also store reservationless or recurring conference information to your conference profile on your BlackBerry smartphone so you can include it in conference call meetings you schedule from your device.
  • Protect Your Host Codes: When sending conference call meeting invitations using conference profile information, participants see only the information they need to join the call. Moderator codes are kept hidden and only used to join the meeting organizer into conference calls in cases where the code is required to open the conference bridge.
BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing is a free app and will be rolling out to members of the BlackBerry Beta Zone today. Look for it listed under Eligible Programs in your beta zone account.

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