BlackBerry Mobile Fusion

While we're all still wondering if RIM will ever bring BBM to other platforms, they've already been on the hunt for iOS developers. However; it's not for what you think. RIM isn't bringing BBM to iOS. When the news of RIM seeking out iOS developers appeared, most speculated it was for BBM on iOS almost forgetting RIM's most recent efforts in the Mobile Device Management market, BlackBerry Mobile Fusion. Since the All Things D article, RIM has clarified the scenario

"As you are aware RIM announced BlackBerry Mobile Fusion on November 29, 2011 and the job posting you are referencing is to help continue the development of this product offering,” a spokesperson for the company said. “In order for BlackBerry Mobile Fusion to perform advanced management functions for iOS devices, RIM will develop an on device client to be included as part of the overall solution.”

Indeed, BlackBerry Mobile Fusion will end up in Apple's iTunes Store eventually with speculation pegging a release date of before the end of March. Next up to make headlines, RIM looking for Android developers which, of course still won't be for BBM on Android.

Source: All Things D