BlackBerry PlayBook Shopping Channel

I'll admit, I kind of have mixed feelings on this one. I spotted this tweet last night that said RIM sells over 400 #BlackBerry 32GB #PlayBook devices on Shopping Channel Canada last night. I opened the attached image, and sure enough, there was a photo of the BlackBerry PlayBook being shown off on The Shopping Channel. Senior Brand and Marketing Communications Manager Jeff Gadway was showing off the device for loads of tablet-hungry consumers and stay-at-home shoppers. The item in question was a 32GB BlackBerry PlayBook bundle that included a dock, case and HDMI cable all for the $399.99 price tag. RIM did manage to sell over 400 units which isn't too bad (update: It looks like well over 2,000 units were sold), and the bundle is still listed on site but is back up to its full price of $699.99. You can check out the PlayBook bundle and video from the show on The Shopping Channels site.

So what are your thoughts on this? Was it a good move for RIM to take to The Shopping Channel to unload some PlayBook or are they better than that? Sound off in the comments!