RIM Goes Live With BlackBerry App World Test Center

In an effort to get better feedback from users Research In Motion has gone live with what they refer to as "Test Center" for BlackBerry App World. You may have noticed it in your BlackBerry App World listing over the past few days or maybe not. Test center is a spot for new applications that are deemed "Beta" by RIM and needing more feedback from users. How does it work? What can be improved? Any issues you come across you'd like to see fixed? All questions that are relative to applications listed in Test center.

In order to leave comments, you can simply just do a review as you would with any other application in BlackBerry App World. Your comments will be posted and reviewed by Research In Motion and taken under consideration for the next iteration of the application in which you reviewed. An awesome way to collect user feedback on an application I think, give it a shot. Right now you can currently find eBay and MySpace 2.0 listed in test center with more apps on the way.