RIM Giveth, Then Taketh Away!

* Update from Kevin: It was a boo-boo on somebody at RIM's part. Desktop Manager for Mac will not be launching today. However, we will bring you a little something special shortly though to get your Mac Desktop Manager fix for the day. *

We all got a glimpse of BlackBerry Desktop Manager by now, be it through the leaked versions that popped up online or through the reviews and walk throughs. It seems RIM may be getting prepared to finally launch the application in it's official capacity or someone just made a really BIG boo-boo.

Earlier today, as you can see from the Twitter status photo someone within RIM Tweeted the availablity of Desktop Manager For Mac and posted a link to the RIM FaceBook pages, all of which was removed in a hot second before anyone could even fully see what actually got posted. So was this all a mistake or shall we be expecting a Desktop Manager for Mac launch soon?

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