wi fi Research in Motion didn’t take much time to fire back at critics who have suggested that Wi-Fi security concerns would mean limited enterprise use for the 8820.

The 8820 model will offer Wi-Fi as well as traditional cellular connectivity.

According to PC World , upon the product release this month, many analysts raised security concerns around the use of Wi-Fi for business, saying Wi-Fi security fears reduced this channel to harmless Web surfing, albeit at a higher throughput. Other analysts have warned of security risks in public unlicensed hot spots.

But a RIM spokesman said the problems lie with end users who don't secure their Wi-Fi access points. He also recommends enterprise customers deploy a virtual private network (VPN).

Although 8820 was designed for the enterprise, RIM expects adoption to be highest among those industry verticals already known for Wi-Fi use, like health-care, retail, manufacturing and hospitality. To read the full story go here .