RIM Setting Up Shop In Fredericton, New Brunswick And Looking For 50 New Employees

Some of you may remember when Research In Motion announced their acquistion of Chalk Media. Chalk Media develops applications which allows businesses to deliver training and video messages via BlackBerry smartphones using the Chalk back end servers. You can read more about the acquisition and uses in the previous write up we did here on CrackBerry. Now while we have not heard much about Chalk on the consumer side of things, Research In Motion has been making good use of their Fredericton, New Brunswick based company.

Research In Motion has once again set their sights on Fredericton, New Brunswick with the promise of hiring new employees in the area according to an article by the DailyGleaner. With Fredericton being the homebase of Chalk Media the Government has agreed to offer up $800,000 worth of funding and RIM has agreed that the 50 new hires will be for their operations, rather then a whole new setup.

If all goes according to plan, you could see a lot more jobs open up under the RIM banner in New Brunswick as well. You students at University of New Brunswick may wanna get your paperwork in order. You could quite possibly have an employer knocking on your door soon, literally.

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