My dear Emirati friends. Good times are ahead, but it does not end there. Mohamed al-Ghanim, the director general of the Emirates' Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, acknowledges BlackBerry to now be officially in compliance with local rules. Certainly an announcement worth celebrating and it is no other than RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie, who during a keynote speech at a Dubai consumer electronics show said ”this is a market we're so excited about”. Following great progress towards its relationship with the Emirates, RIM does not just stop there and instead wants to prove its love with a regional launch of BlackBerry products and services, including Arabic application service. Oh, and did I mention the BlackBerry Torch?

Service provider du has namely launched the BlackBerry Torch smartphone in the UAE, a first for the Middle East. The Emirates may now enjoy all the benefits of BlackBerry 6 in a package combining the touch screen concept with a traditional QWERTY keyboard – expect to have some Arabic flavor on that, along with SureType support to make texting in Arabic a convenience. I know I am getting one. Maybe two, but what about you? Be heard in the comments, but keep it nice and clean, please ;-)

Source: Zawya