BlackBerry App World

We've known since around September 9th that this was coming but, until now BlackBerry App World has remained unchanged. At some point, Research In Motion has changed up the BlackBerry App World website and you can now purchase and download apps directly from the BlackBerry App World website. In addition to purchasing and downloading the apps, you can also adjust your My World account so that it syncs with your BlackBerry smartphone. If you delete an application online, that deletion will be reflected on your device.

You'll be required to download a Windows installer in order to get everything to work right but, that's minimal considering what you can do with it once installed. However, at this time it appears that using Windows is the only supported method as it advises me on my MacBook that I'm using an unsupported OS. When it comes to paying for your apps, you have a few choices as well. You can choose PayPal, Credit card or carrier billing provided your carrier supports it. Pretty cool overall, the ability to sync your apps with your device is pretty awesome. Give it a shot and let us know what you all think about it.

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Hat tip: BerryReview