BlackBerry App World

RIM is gearing up to roll out a new version of BlackBerry App World! Developers were notified today that changes to the Vendor Portal are happening this week. Phase one is starting July 6th with the Vendor Portal going down for maintenance from 2am - 6am EST, so there will be no access for developers to make submissions or changes to their products. During this time there will be two new fields added in: Short description and Feature Image.

  • Short Description: This is your feature description or your one line sales pitch. Please provide a “short description” of each of your items to make your app more discoverable. We support multilingual short descriptions so you can make your sales pitch more local and relevant to better attract users who speak more languages around the globe.
  • Feature Image: You can now upload a featured app image. This is required if you want your application to be considered for feature. It will make your application much more discoverable. Image Specifications: 1920 x 1186 pixel .PNG file.
If you don't currently have items for sale in BlackBerry App World, this probably isn't very exciting news for you. However, keep in mind that this is the first step towards the rest of us getting some much needed updates to App World. Of course, no word on when exactly we'll be seeing those changes, or what they are, but they are indeed coming. What additions and changes do you want to see come to BlackBerry App World? Let us know in the comments. Thanks Dave!