RIM sad

The news is not new, in fact we knew that RIM was letting go of employees for quite some time now, and it appears as though August may be the month in which the remaining 3,000 employees are actually let go. Cantech Letter has been informed by some sources that these employees may be departing from the company as early as August 13, which comes just two weeks before the end of Q2, August 31. While layoffs are no fun, we've gone over why they are unfortunately a neccesary evil at this point.

According to the sources, jobs for those working on the company’s new Blackberry 10 operating system are generally safe, as are those who work in enterprise sales. The areas facing the deepest cuts are customer service, human resources, marketing, non-enterprise sales and RIM’s Global Repair Services.

These cuts will bring RIM's total headcount down around 10,000 employees, about half of their peak count, but this is all part of their cost cutting plan.

Source: Cantech Letter