RIM Confirms Dash Navigation Acquisition

After an article was published by GPS Business News, rumors aplenty flew across the internet yesterday regarding the possible acquisiton RIM had recently completed or was in the process aquiring Dash Navigation. Dash Navigation was falling on some rough times with their LBS offerings and while the services were great, Dash just simply could not push the units out there door despite having their services and API's being put to use by many other organizations. While the rumors were flowing, the confirmation came shortly after from RIM that yes, they had indeed aquired Dash Navigation but remained quiet about their intentions with the company.

The potential uses for Dash Navigation in the BlackBerry ecosystem could really lead anywhere or end up nowhere, possibly a BlackBerry Maps alternative, maybe a whole new application more akin to Telenav and others, or maybe even a stand alone GPS unit that works in conjunction with BlackBerry devices. No one at this point (other than RIM) is certain. But I wouldn't be one bit surprised if the above interface shows up in some way, shape or form on a BlackBerry device at a later time.

 [ Boy Genius ]

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