PlayBook / Phone

It should come as no surprise that RIM is hard at work behind the scenes on the upcoming BlackBerry 10 software and hardware. Being based off of the QNX platform, the same OS that currently runs on the BlackBerry PlayBook, one would only imagine that the PlayBook would also receive the update. While the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 software was only just released, RIM's VP of Product Management Rob Orr has confirmed that shortly after the release of BlackBerry 10 phones, the PlayBook software will also be updated, putting both phone and tablet on BlackBerry 10. The PlayBook OS 2.0 software is esssentially already BlackBerry 10, but you get the picture. As of now they are still looking to release the first BlackBerry 10 device at the end of 2012 and hopefully a PlayBook update to BlackBerry 10 is not too far behind.

Source: TechRadar