OK, seriously?! This is too funny and just too awesome. So if you're a hardcore CrackBerry reader and BlackBerry enthusiast you've obviously heard about the BlackBerry Beta Zone, where you can apply to test out some of RIM's upcoming apps and stuff like that. It's no secret that basically every single member of RIM's BlackBerry Beta Zone, which launched recently, is already a CrackBerry reader/member. That's a great thing by the way - it means our community is really helping RIM to make their future offerings better.

But the latest mission to come down the BlackBerry Beta Zone pipe is just TOO funny.  They're conducting a BlackBerry Messenger Stress Test. Wonder where they got the idea for that one?! We'll take it as a HUGE compliment. I won't give out the magical PIN they are using for their stress test, but you can read the message they sent out below. I hope they video tape the whole thing and run it on their Inside BB blog. In case you missed it, you can check out CrackBerry's latest BBM stress test video above. Hopefully RIM will fix things up so when we do our next one my device doesn't brick itself. I hope the stress test goes well for them. But I'm not convinced doing it through the Beta Zone is stressful enough. It's about posting it to the CrackBerry homepage so you get that MASSIVE influx of requests that really seems to choke things. If they ever want our help for their next test, we're willing and able! Thanks RIM. You guys rock!!

Hello Beta Tester,

We are conducting a BlackBerry® Messenger Stress Test! Follow the steps below and add us to your BlackBerry Messenger contacts. Let the games begin!

Please follow the instructions below to participate in this Stress Test:

1. Find and select the BlackBerry® Messenger icon () on your device home screen

Note: In some cases, BBM can be found in the "Instant Messaging" folder

2. From the Contact List, open the menu by pressing the menu buttonand select "Invite Contact"

3. Enter in the following PIN: 211xxxxx

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