RIM Comes Out On Top In Mobile Security Report!

A report recently published by Maribel Lopez , formerly of Forrester Research that looks at mobile security options available in the mobile sector and which ones will provide you with the most security from unauthorized access has placed RIM BlackBerry devices at the top when compared to the offerings of other device manufacturers.

The report, which can be reviewed here, took specific items that are essential to security such as the device itself, the network it accesses and how it accesses said network. Is the transmission of data encrypted? Can control of the device be executed to the fullest extent? Is the removable media encrytable? All things considered to determine the effectiveness of security implementation built into mobile devices.

In a rating system which goes up to 4 divided into 4 sections, RIM BlackBerry devices scored a 4/4 in all sections where other devices such as the iPhone and Windows Mobile devices fell short with their offerings. Have a look at the report for a better look of where all devices were ranked.

  • Check Out The Full Report Via The Lopez Research Site >>