Thorsten Heins

We already wrote about the awesome session that was held at BlackBerry World 2012 between the 150+ press in attendance and RIM's new CEO Thorsten Heins. Video recording wasn't allowed, but I did put the Voice Recorder app to use on my Bold 9900 and managed to capture the audio from the entire session. I highly recommend listening to it. Heins seriously Rock & Rolled it!  

Disclaimer 1: As noted, I recorded this on a Bold 9900 from quite a distance. There's some background noise and you'll have to crank up the audio and listen carefully, but you should be able to pick up most of it.

Disclamer 2: The session started off pretty embarassingly for yours truly. Me and Adam were at the session early when only a few people were there, so I was up on the stage at the podium and had Adam snapping photos (for use in future blog posts of course). Adam told me to take off my press badge. I did. I forgot it up there. What's the first thing Thorsten sees when he takes to the stage and walks up to the podium in a now jam packed room of people? My badge. Funny stuff. Listen for it. :)

Audio File: Download .MP3

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