BlackBerry PlayBook FCC extension

So it seems RIM really was trying hard to make that Calendar Q1 launch date for the BlackBerry PlayBook but just couldn't quite make it. Turns out RIM actually had to file an extension with the FCC to keep the details on the tablet private until launch day on April 19th. Apparently the original date was in fact March 31st - if RIM planned to launch later they would have done an April date from the start. The document asked to withhold information regarding the External photos, test setup photos, user manual and internal photos. So any hopes of seeing the FCC approval notes before April 19th looks to be slim. With the BlackBerry PlayBook being shown off more than any other BlackBerry device to date prelaunch, you gotta wonder what's actually in there hiding that we don't already know about. Maybe a surprise or two? Sound off in the comments!

Source: BerryReview