BlackBerry Bold 9900 facepalm

With RIM's BlackBerry 7 Fan Night coming up on Wednesday in Toronto, rumors are flying around about what exactly is going to happen there. Of course it will be a party, but aside from rubbing elbows with other BlackBerry addicts, nomming on hors d'oeuvre, and of course getting that much anticipated BlackBerry 7 device, just what else is planned?

Well, your first clue is right there. Research In Motion is throwing in a BlackBerry 7 device as part of the prize for those lucky winners from the Twitter contest last week. Since they didn't specify the prize is a BlackBerry Bold 9900/30 and the event isn't called BlackBerry 9900 Fan Night, it stands to reason that they have plans to announce at least a few more of the seven devices they assured us were coming this year. Maybe the attendees will even get some hands on time with devices like the BlackBerry Torch 2 9810, or the Torch 9850/60