RIM announces BIS 4.0 details

It's close to that time again, another BIS update is set to roll out and RIM has announced the details for it. Savvy users found the information long ago, considering it was put into the RIM knowledge base over a month ago now but realistically not everyone checks there. So what will be new when BIS 4.0 rolls out? Check below for details:

  • Automatic Login Improvements  
  • Language Support - Vietnamese and Hindi
  • Google Calendar Synchronization Improvements 
  • Secret Question Changes
  • Windows Live Integration Re-validation removal

All in all, minor changes really with the exception of additional languages but some of the stuff there should help if you ever need to make changes to your BIS account as a whole or if you're either a Google user or Hotmail user. You can hit the RIM knowledge base for the full details on each change.

View the BIS 4.0 documents via the RIM knowledge base

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