RIM And Lenovo Release Constant Connect!

RIM and Lenovo have finally released their "Constant Connect" solution. For those of you out there that are not aware of what Constant Connect is here is a brief description from the Information Week post regarding the launch:

Constant Connect, is focused on mobile professionals who seek to avoid paying for Wi-Fi connections for their laptops. The product plugs into the laptop and it can pull corporate e-mails from the smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. Users can then use the laptop to read, compose, and send e-mails that will be sent through the BlackBerry's connection.

I'm not quite to sure what to make of this. When watching the video (after the jump) of this in use, I see how some users may really find it useful but at the same time, I personally cannot see any real justification for the cost of this device. Currently available available through Lenovo.com and its business partners the Constant Connect option will set ya back $149. Would anyone (or any enterprise) out there pay for or even use this functionality? I guess if you need it you need it, but I'll be curious to see in the comments what everyone thinks about this one.


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