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RIM has promised on Monday that it will meet Indonesia's request to filter out pornographic content on BlackBerry smartphones in the next couple of days, as stated by a spokesman of the Indonesian government. As Indonesia is both home to the world's greatest Muslim population and a massive amount of BlackBerry smartphone addicts, RIM's commitment to abide by the country's requirements is pretty much a given. RIM Managing Director of Southeast Asia, Gregory Wade, has stated that talks with the six Indonesian service providers about the matter have already been initiated and that the issue will be resolved with mutual satisfaction. And, as per the request of the Indonesian government, RIM is also going to set up local server in the country.

Indonesia is not alone in discussing such matters, though. Kuwait had also asked a similar favor back in August, 2010. Although RIM promptly agreed to block 3,000 pornographic Web sites at the request of Kuwait's communication ministry, it should be noted that Kuwait did not threaten to suspend BlackBerry services as certain other Middle Eastern countries did. But still, in either case, I am very happy to see RIM's active willingness to engage in these affairs and provide everyone affected with an amicable solution. Keep it up, Waterloo!

Source: Mercurynews

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