RIM and Indian Government Still Fighting for a Solution

I've been following the whole RIM/India debacle closely, as I'm sure a lot of you have. Seems like the whole thing will be drawing to an end soon, as RIM execs and Indian intelligence agencies are scheduled to meet again April 9th.

Interestingly enough, the solution RIM may use could be different than the solution used in China and Singapore. In those countries, RIM set up a proxy server which allows those countries to monitor emails and data. All data is held on the server for approximately 6-months.

RIM is rumored to be offering India the translation code(s) needed to decrypt messages between 2 BlackBerry devices in India. Adding a proxy server into the mix would be an extra (would you like fries with that?).

No word on if they will be setting up a proxy server (at an approximate cost of $500,000) in India. The DoT in India has demanded that RIM install such a server to enable their security agencies to monitor traffic without having to break into secure transmission codes. Service providers Airtel, Vodafone and Reliance are also supporting this demand.

Keep in mind, this is all simply RUMOR. Make of it what you will, the actual bottom-line truth will be coming out in the near future. This makes for good conversation at the very least. What do you think? Is RIM doing the right thing here or are they simply backing down to keep their base of Indian customer happy campers?

[ via TelegraphIndia