Google QuickSearch!

This kind of baffles me. If you hit up today and have a look at the top section where RIM lists new items on the site, you should see a new item there labeled "BlackBerry Quick Search powered by Google" that when clicked takes you to the download page for the application.

It's basically a new launcher of sorts which really, Google already has offered through their mobile applications they have previously made available for download. But this one comes with a RIM EULA (End User License Agreement) and all! It places a Google icon on your device and when you click on it, brings up a Google splash screen to where you can search and then after submitting your search it shows you the results via Google of course. Oddly enough, when I try and download it on my Storm it says it's not compatible but the same app offered by Google on their mobile site does work. Strange things a brewin' I say. Let's just hope this isn't the level of apps we'll see in the BlackBerry App World... RIM-branded versions of already existing applications, lol.