BlackBerry PlayBook

* Click Here to Read the Full Press Release on the new BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK! *

Research In Motion is wasting no time in reaching out to developers when it comes to the BlackBerry PlayBook. As we've seen more recently in the past, Research In Motion will be hosting some upcoming webcasts all of which are dedicated to developing Adobe AIR application on the BlackBerry PlayBook. As the information tells us:

The first webcast of a five week series hosted by RIM and Adobe experts will start on November 4, 2010 and will provide developers the opportunity to learn more about creating Adobe AIR applications for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.  Developers interested in signing up for the webcast series can visit

With the SDK being released, Research In Motion is not only targetting previous BlackBerry developers but rather, any developer out there that has worked with multiple platforms. Rather than being limited to just the BlackBerry JDE developers can now make use of Flash, HTML, C++ and of course Adobe AIR 2.5.