RIM advises disablng JavaScript in your BlackBerry browser after exploit discovered

In light of the exploit found during the most recent Pwn2Own convention Research in Motion has introduced a new article to the RIM knowledge base advising users of OS 6 capable devices on how to avoid having their BlackBerry browser exploited. While the potential for someone actually attempting the exploit still remains small, the fact the information is out there is reason enough to protect yourself against it.

RIM KB26132 is the article in place to prevent the exploit from running on your device -- the process is simple really. Just disable JavaScript for the browser while RIM works on hotfix for it. As noted, if you are a BlackBerry Enterprise Server administrator, you can turn off JavaScript support using the Disable JavaScript in Browser IT policy rule. Just remember, in doing this you'll end up having a less than optimal browsing experience. If you're not running BlackBerry 6 this is not needed.