RIM Advertising Their Twitter Client For BlackBerry In India?

Hey, it's no secret. Much like the BlackBerry Tour 9650 and the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 we all know "Twitter For BlackBerry" is coming at some point in time, we just don't know when exactly. Alas, I guess we can take this latest piece of information spotted by Rajrani in our very own forums as even further confirmation. When I look at this info, I see one of two things here:

1). RIM actually is advertising their RIM-built Twitter for BlackBerry.

2). They are using the Twitter name as selling leverage in India.

BlackBerry users know they can access many Twitter clients on their devices. For that matter even the mobile Twitter site is accessible enough through the BlackBerry browser. So, I guess there is the distinct chance for a third slot there. Being that RIM knows they have a Twitter client coming, it's not fully completed yet but they are using the Twitter name as leverage in the mean time cause they know no matter what, users can still access Twitter.