We've seen RIM make a lot of strategic acquisitions in recent months, and today they announced another one on their BlackBerry blog.... Gist.  If you're not familiar with Gist, probably the best thing to do is check out the What is Gist? in 90 seconds video above. Essentially it helps to aggregate and manage all of your important contacts into one place.

To get a look at Gist today, you can jump over to Gist.com and take a tour. As for what Gist will mean tomorrow now that they're part of RIM, I guess we'll have to see.... but it should mean an improved contact management experience. Our guess is a much improved contacts list that would house all of your contacts feeds and information from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the like. If you want to get an early start you can register for Gist and see what it's all about. I wonder who we'll see RIM acquire next?

Source: Inside BB / Gist Blog

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