RIM 2012 Roadmap

It looks like RIM's 2012 roadmap for new devices is staying pretty much on track with what we previously expected. According to BGR, RIM has some new devices in the works for 2012/2013 that should keep things flowing up until the launch of BlackBerry 10 later this year. The lineup includes two new Curve devices, an HSPA+ PlayBook and two BlackBerry 10 devices. Here's how it breaks down:

  • Within the next few months, RIM should release two new devices in the Curve line - the BlackBerry Curve 9230 and the BlackBerry Curve 9320. The Curve 9230 is said to be an EDGE device where the Curve 9320 will be HSPA.
  • The BlackBerry 10 device dubbed the BlackBerry London is still on par for launch in September, while a new device (BlackBerry Nevada) featuring a touchscreen and full QWERTY keyboard is said to be launching as part of the Bold line at the end of the year as well.
  • RIM is said to be working on a new BlackBerry PlayBook that includes a 1.5GHz processor, HSPA+ and NFC for launch mid-2012.

So this all pretty much jives with what we already knew -- the big difference here from the original roadmap is really just the time frame (which makes sense as we knew BlackBerry 10 was getting pushed back to late 2012). It looks like RIM will try to keep the momentum up in emerging markets with the release of the Curve 9230 and 9320 while we wait to see some BlackBerry 10 goodness. I'm excited to see what comes in the next few months for RIM -- with a new CEO at the helm it will be interesting to see how things improve for RIM in 2012.

Source: BGR