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While we're all still excited about the new BlackBerry 7 devices that will soon be hitting store shelves, we all know they are just a stop gap for RIM's next big thing which is QNX powered smartphones. Over at BGR, a new device and a new name is being tossed around and is purported to be the first QNX smartphone RIM. The BlackBerry Colt, as it's being called is rumored to be a single-core processor device rather then the dual-core we've heard Mike Lazaridis state he planned on using in QNX phones in the past. Keeping in mind, the BlackBerry PlayBook ran single core in testing.

According to the info, RIM is looking for release of the BlackBerry Colt come first quarter of 2012 but has some rather large issues to work out in the meantime. One hurdle being the BES infrastructure and the fact it needs to be re-written for QNX, which also lends credit to reasoning we still don't as of yet have native email in the BlackBerry PlayBook.

To get over this, RIM is said to be working on a QNX-specific BlackBerry Enterprise Server, but ultimately that the first QNX smartphone could launch without support for BES, as we know it. Seems rather foolish, given that BES is RIM's bread and butter but RIM has plenty of time to work those things out through internal testing. Although, the current plan suggests the use of Microsoft ActiveSync for Exchange email as it is supported out of the box. Keep in mind, this is just a rumor for now -- we'll see what other details emerge over the next little while.

Source: BGR

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