BlackBoard Acquires NTA GroupCollege and university students and professors from Louisiana State to Clemson will no doubt be familiar with the Blackboard software platform.

Blackboard announced Monday that it will acquire NTI Group (a large mobile messaging provider). So what this means for us here at CrackBerry? Well, it might lead to more BlackBerry centred educational applications in the future. Educational apps here we come!

Today's modern student will no doubt embrace the technology. This could be one of the first steps in integrating the BlackBerry into modern education at the best colleges and universities around the world. Think of the advantages... Test scores, assignments and reminders could be sent to you instantly on your BlackBerry. You could adjust your schedule or message your professor with questions in real-time.

This could be an eye opener but we'll see if it goes anywhere. The BlackBerry in the educational world could and should be a winner in my opinion.