WiFi File Transfer for BlackBerry Review

There are several ways to transfer files to and from your BlackBerry Smartphone. We have our trusty BlackBerry Desktop Manager, Roxio Media Manager and others to help you through the process. Although rare, there are times when I simply don't have time to sit down, whip out the USB cable and start up the proper programs. Though many of us are used to the multiple steps, some new BlackBerry users I know of even had a little trouble figuring the process out. It happens and it could become frustrating to some. It's time to shake off the wires and take wireless connectivity one step further.

Within the past month, an exciting application was released; WiFi File Transfer. The idea is simple - all you need is a PC or MAC (with a browser), a WiFi enabled BlackBerry Smartphone (sorry Storm owners) and a WiFi Network. This application could potentially eliminate some crossed wires (USB cables) and blown fuses (mental health). Personally, I'm glad that an application has come along, so hopefully it will live up to my expectations. Now, let's have a closer look at WiFi File Transfer.

About WiFi File Transfer

Up until recently, only the BlackBerry Bold was able to utilize WiFi File Transfer. Now as of yesterday, the application is available to all WiFi enabled BlackBerry smartphones running OS 4.5 or higher! There is a Full version (v1.0.0.2) and a Lite/Free version (v. available. The full version is 259.2KB in size and the Lite version is 263.1KB. The application supports the following browsers; IE (Internet Explorer), Safari and Firefox. WiFi File Transfer is brought to you by Chocolate Chunk Apps. Yes, you read that name right.

Harnessing the power of WiFi, the application allows for speedy file transferring. You can easily transfer documents, images, video, music or more from your PC or Mac to your BlackBerry (using either device memory or your Micro SD card). The set up is quite simple. First, have your BlackBerry smartphone connected to your WiFi Network. Once this has been established, open up WiFi File Transfer. Next, click on WiFi Info where you can see the SSID, signal strength and your Berry IP Address. Type this address into your mobile browser and you now have accessibility! Well, that's all well and good, but now what? Let's see what you can do...

From your PC or MAC

Once you have entered the IP address of your BlackBerry, you can then begin to rummage through your device's files. You will be able to view your system, store and SD Card available memory. Next is your Navigation field, where you can choose which files to look through, upload from and download to. It is in this field, where you would also upload file found on your PC/Mac. Below this field is where you will see all of the files found in a particular directory. You will see information such as the file name, date last modified, and size. From your PC/Mac, you can view the file by the click of a button or choose to delete or rename it. You'll be able to play music, view images and watch videos (using a 3GP player) right from your browser.

WiFi File Transfer
viewing your files from your PC/MAC

WiFi File Transfer
renaming files is just one of the options you have

From your BlackBerry:

WiFi File Transfer
viewing your files on your BlackBerry

WiFi File Transfer
view transfers in progress

WiFi File Transfer allows you to navigate through your files on your BlackBerry as well, but you do not have full access to them. For example; you can only see a list of your image files. As on your computer, you can see the file name, size and date last modified. If you were to press the menu button, you will see additional options before you. You can access a log screen; a log of your file transfers or connection status. WiFi File Transfer gives you the option to email a log to a contact of your choice. I mentioned the WiFi Info option earlier, again giving you connection details. As with your browser access, you can see your Memory Status. The application will also let you delete or rename files. If you get stuck, you can refer to the included Help menu.

WiFi File Transfer
see a log of your file management

WiFi File Transfer
email the log to anyone

I couldn't believe how amazingly easy WiFi File Transfer was to use. It almost appears to be catered to those who may find the Desktop Manager a tad overwhelming. I was equally impressed with the speed the transfers seemed to possess. I was also able to effortlessly create and manage new folders from my BlackBerry and from my computer. If my wife happens to be on the computer, I could (ever so sweetly) ask her to transfer music to my BlackBerry, or retrieve and save images that I had just captured. And because you are on your WiFi network, you won't be dipping into your wireless data plan. While the application won't ever replace your BlackBerry Desktop Manager, it does offer a quick alternative for accessing and managing files.
If you choose to use the Lite version, it should be noted that you won't be able to upload files to your BlackBerry or edit files. All other features found in the full version will be available.


WiFi File Transfer is nearly fool proof to use, I mean if I could use it...
What I liked about it was the fact that everything is done over a WiFi Network (hence the name); no zipping or data usage was required. The application offers benefits on both a business and personal level. From a reviewer's perspective, I can take screen shots on my BlackBerry and then easily transfer them over in no time. I'm hoping that in future builds, we will be able to view/play files while accessing the application on your BlackBerry. You can pick up both the Full and Lite Version of WiFi File Transfer from the CrackBerry App Store. The Lite Version is free and the Full Version is $9.99, with a free trial available. Hopefully this will help you keep your USB in your desk, save time and enjoy your files in a whole new way.

For more information, and to pick up the Full or Lite version of WiFi File Manager, click here.


  • data free file transfers
  • ease of use


  • transfer speeds dependent upon your WiFi Network
  • cannot view/play files on your BlackBerry from within the application